Writing a successful self help book

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Writing a successful self help book

Coming Up with Ideas

If you want a steady stream of side income, or if you want to take the first big step in your career as a writer, writing an ebook is a great place to begin. Lots of writers and would-be writers recognize that, but have yet to get started on their own ebook.

These nine tips will help you come up with a great idea, do your research, and get your first draft written. Feel free to pick out the ones most applicable to you! Two simple ways to do this are to: Come up with three to seven possible ebook titles or topics, and survey your audience to find out which they prefer.

SurveyMonkey is great for this. What questions or problems crop up again and again?


Could you write an ebook addressing these? Avoid this by giving yourself a limited amount of time for research. That could mean setting aside, say, two weeks purely for research before you begin writing, or researching for a certain length of time as you come to each new chapter of your ebook.

These can also help throw up extra ideas on aspects of the topic you might not have considered yet. Be Certain of Facts and Statistics If your particular topic area has a few oft-quoted facts or statistics, it can be tempting to repeat these without double-checking them. Between andI wrote a lot of material for personal development and self-improvement blogs.

This helped open my eyes to the sad truth that some authors make up facts and statistics to suit them, so you do need to look for original studies, government publications, and other reputable sources of information where possible. If you come across something presented as fact which seems odd or hard to believe, Snopes.

Write a Full Outline First One of the simplest ways to make writing easier is to have a clear outline before you begin. Your outline should include: If your ebook deals with a broad topic, it may also be appropriate to also split it into three to five different parts.

Subheadings or subsections for each chapter, with a list of points detailing information you want to cover. You could produce this as a linear list, or you could create a mind-map to help you come up with new ideas and link them in different ways.

writing a successful self help book

Turn off your phone. Sign out of your email account, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, and anything else that might make sounds or pop alerts up on your screen. You could take this even further by using questions for your subheadings, if that helps you get into the flow:To write a successful self-help or how-to book, you must win readers' trust by convincing them that you understand their problems and will offer ways to resolve them.

You must also provide tools and techniques to further readers' knowledge and skills, and resources for further study or growth.

See a Problem?

Writing Successful Self-Help and How-To Books by Jean Marie Stine, Jean Marie Stine If you follow only a third of Jean's advice, you'll have a successful book. . The hard part of writing a book isn’t getting published.

writing a successful self help book

It’s the actual writing. It’s the actual writing. In this article, I offer 10 steps for writing a book along with 10 bonus steps. If you follow only a third of Jean's advice, you'll have a successful book. --Jeremy Tarcher, Publisher Jeremy P.

Special offers and product promotions Paperback Verified Purchase I bought this book with a little bit of trepidation based on some of the negative reviews.
9 Powerful Tips for Writing Your First Successful Ebook Its writers tend to be experts in their field, either through educational or experiential pathways, who have distilled what they know into something that can offer help to their readers.

Tarcher, Inc. "After Jean reworked my first draft, paperback rights sold for $,"/5. Writing Self-Help Books The self-help book industry has boomed in recent years, most likely due to the increased pace of our lives thanks to technology. People are constantly searching for ways to improve their lives, ranging in topics from spiritual enlightenment or computer knowledge.

Feb 19,  · Creating an outline is a smart way to keep your self-help book on target. Even before you start writing, make a list of what you hope to cover in each section or chapter of the book.

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