Thesis tables

Individual departments or schools of the University may have additional, or more specific, requirements. While the thesis or dissertation is generally the work of the degree candidate alone, if it is the result of a collaborative research effort, the contributions of the student and the other collaborators must be clearly delineated. The scholarly work done by the student prior to the final preparation of the thesis or dissertation is outside the province of this handbook. At that point, the student is ready to prepare a document for final submission.

Thesis tables

Read on for simple instructions on how to do this. In this article, we are going to learn the correct and easy way to do this without heartache and hideousness. They should be separate from the main table of contents, and listed below. The tricky thing is creating two lists, one of tables and one of figures.

This is where people usually come unstuck. Follow these instructions and you should be OK!

How do I create a list of figures and a list of tables? They boil down to: Like everyone else in the world. Click on the References tab. Find the Captions section. Put your cursor where you want the caption to go arrowClick on Thesis tables Insert Caption button.

Remember, we want to mark a difference between tables and figures so that Word can create automatic lists.

Table of Contents and List of Figures/Tables | Thesis

We can tidy things up afterwards. You can see a drop down list which says Figure at the moment. But we want to differentiate between figures and tables, so click on the arrow on the right to drop down the list.

Now you can type the caption text straight into this box. Put your cursor below the figure and click on the same Insert Caption button. This time, choose Figure rather than Table: This time, just leave the Caption box blank apart from the words Figure 1.

Thesis tables

Now you can go through and mark all of your figure and table captions using this method. Modifying and formatting caption numbering etc. You can modify your captions, especially their numbering.

Phd dissertation table of contents

You will now get options for changing the numbering from 1, 2, 3 to a, b, c, etc. Use the drop down arrow to pick what you want. You can also link the numbering to your chapter numbering — so you have Figures,etc.

Staying on the Reference tab, click on Insert Table of Figures: You will now get some options, and this is where we choose whether we want the figures or tables to be listed. Note, Table will be the default option. Choose Figure by dropping down the menu using the arrow on the right.

Table will be highlighted in blue so click on Figure.Thesis and Dissertation Formatting Guidelines Mary Reed Building, room 5 S. University Blvd.

Thesis tables

Denver, CO thesis is a requirement for receipt of some master’s degrees. Your finished manuscript is a made for material such as tables reproduced from some other medium, oversized tables or figures. To be honest, with a short dissertation with only a few figures and tables, it probably doesn't really matter one way or the other.

If your institution's dissertation guidelines say anything about it, . Dissertation tables, charts and lists In general, when you write essays you avoid using bullet points and lists, but in a dissertation the chapter where you present your data is an exception to this rule.

If you have reproduced any copyright material, such as tables, figures and images of artworks, in your thesis, you should get permission from copyright owners. Some copyright owners (authors, publishers) allow you to reproduce images for educational use without obtaining permission provided that full credit is given to the copyright owner.

If your thesis contains tables, they should be on a "Tables" page in the front matter. Do not combine figures and tables into a single list; in other words, do not follow Turabian Fig. A Tables must be numbered consecutively using Arabic numbers throughout the thesis, as should figures, examples, and illustrations.

Each table in a thesis must have a caption that tells concisely what it .

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