The rigors associated with studying law

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The rigors associated with studying law

So, how do you do it? You compile your undergraduate transcripts, get letters of recommendation, write a personal statement, and of course, prep for and take the LSAT — the Law School Admission Test. Well, the tried-and-true process that law schools have been using for decades now might be changing thanks to the American Bar Associationknown by attorneys everywhere as the ABA.

The ABA determines the rules that law schools must follow when it comes to operating a law school and ensuring a quality legal education is provided.

They determine everything from what type of curriculum schools need to provide, how many credit hours students need to graduate, and what law schools need to do to ensure their students can handle the challenges of law school.

Up until now, law schools were required by the ABA to use an admissions test as part of the application processand specifically, it had to be the LSAT. If a school wanted to use a test other than the LSAT, they had to conduct their own validity study to prove that another test was just as good as the LSAT.

In the past year, about 15 or so law schools have done that with the GRE.

The rigors associated with studying law

Last week, the ABA voted to change the rule. In the future, law schools will no longer be required to use an admissions test, but if they do use one, they can decide to use whatever test they want.

Sample Law School Admissions Essays

There are still more steps before full ABA implementation. So, does this mean the end of the LSAT as we know it? Law schools will probably still put a lot of weight on your test score.

This is actually great news for you, as it always has been. Take Harvard Law School as an example. For their class ofthey received over 5, applications and made offers.

Having a test score at or above the median test scores for past students at the school will help get you noticed and get you in. Law schools will want that piece of information on you.


For the record, the LSAT is also one of the most important factors in determining highly-coveted scholarship monies. While the LSAT was specifically created for law schools to evaluate the critical thinking skills law students need, other standardized tests may do it too.

The first schools which have taken GRE scores from applicants say those students are doing just fine. Since all law schools will see that score, prep for and rock the LSATleaving no doubt to law school admission committees that you are a must-have.

With the number of applicants up nearly 9 percent this cyclecompetition is heating up.Essays generally paint a picture of the applicant's maturity, passion for law, and readiness for the rigors associated with law school.

3. How important is . I understand fully the rigors associated with studying law, and I am prepared to dedicate as much time as it takes to understand its theories and practices.

I believe that certain qualities distinguish a superior law school graduate: dedication to the pursuit of knowledge; the ability to effectively argue and defend an opinion; and the skills.

The present K-to education system does not adequately prepare an individual to take on the responsibilities and rigors associated with law enforcement practices. It now takes someone who has finished at least two years of college education to equal the level attained by a .

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Essays generally paint a picture of the applicant's maturity, passion for law, and readiness for the rigors associated with law school. 3. How important is the applicant's LSAT score?

For instance, the phrases, “I understand the rigors associated with the study of law,” and, “I understand the challenges associated with the study of law,” are nearly identical.

Sample Law School Admissions Essays