The persons case essay

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The persons case essay

The Person's Case As a nation on the rise, Canada has over the years experienced many defining moments in its history, some more important than others.

The persons case essay

Over all, the most defining of these moments in Canadian history was the moment that the Person's Case was won; not only because it liberated women I n Canada but because its repercussion s would have an immense impact on Canada's development as a country.

The person's Case began with the famous five: The Famous Five believed that it did include women, so therefore women should have the same political status and rights as men.

The goal of this group was to present their query to the Supreme Court and to eventually have a woman in the Senate. On August 27, the Famous Five brought their question to the government: The court took the inquiry into consideration but six weeks later they determined that the BNA did not include women in the word "persons".

The Supreme Courts' argument was that the BNA had to be read in the terms that it was written in during Unfortunately, because women were not politically active in no woman was to be elected to the Senate at this time.

The five Albertan women had no intentions of taking no for an answer. They appealed to the Judicial Committee of England's Privy Council and on October 18 of the judicial Committee came to the unanimous decision that the word "persons" included both men and women under the British North American Act.

One of the lords of the committee Viscount Sankey stated that "…the exclusion of women from all public offices is a relic of days more barbarous than ours.

And to those who would ask why the word 'person' should include females the obvious answer is, why should it not? None of the members of the Famous Five ever became Senators themselves, but they continued to dedicate their lives to preserving and fighting for social rights.

These five great Canadian heroes persevered and did eventually reach their goal: Because the five fought for social justice their victory in the Person's Case led to greater opportunities and more jobs in government and other employment areas in Canada for women.

The Person's Case was the single most significant moment in Canada's history not simply because it allowed female citizens to work in the government, but because this one case opened so many doors for other issues involving women and their rights.

This case has empowered women all across Canada for the past 77 years and inspired Canadian citizens to achieve great things to set goals for the future, and to continue to fight for social economic and political equality for women.

The persons case essay

Without the victory that was the Person's Case our country would be vastly different from the one it is today. The Person's Case was fought for and won so that Canadian women could go on to do great things and not have to be confined to the role of mother and housekeeper.

The Person's Case has allowed Canadian heroines such as Roberta Bondar, who in was the first women to go into space or Margaret Atwood, an acclaimed poetic, critic and feminist Canadian to achieve their goals and to do great things.

There are many women in Canada who have achieved great things because of the success of the Person's Case and there will continue to be women who will benefit from this victory.

One could argue that the Battle of Vimy ridge was the most defining moment in Canadian history. It was during this battle that because of Canada's soldiers' perseverance and courage the German Army surrendered. Some say that this battle was the one in which Canada rose out of Britain's' supremacy and defined itself as an independent nation.Nov 02,  · Essay-eh Friday, November 2, The Famous Five and the Persons Case Author has tea with a pioneer of women's rights, Ottawa.

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Photo by Yasemin Tulpar It is less than a hundred years since women were granted the status of persons under Canadian law. After years of lobbying by a dedicated group of women, it finally .

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In the Persons Case in the s, five Alberta women fought and won a legal and political battle to have women recognized as persons under the BNA Act. The containment policy essay.

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Brown University Center for Gerontology and Health Care Research in Providence, Rhode Island. He serves as principal investigator for the evaluation of The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's AIDS.

The Persons Case Visual Essay by Kelsey Matchett on Prezi