Silver fiddle

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Silver fiddle

Humbled by merciless teasing in jazz college opened my eyes to the music outside my sanctioned little bubble. I learned to fiddle. Nevertheless, there are a few differences and, sadly, stereotypes between "fiddle and violin. Well, at least I have.

This used to be the principal method of making violin strings. Gut strings possessed a rich and full quality ideal for orchestral playing. Many steel strings were broken until the glorious invention of fine-tuners, the tiny little metal mechanisms on the tailpiece that makes tuning a piece of cake.

When I was youth symphony many players removed their lower string fine tuners haughtily, like a child insisting training wheels are for babies. The use of fine tuners on all four strings unfortunately had become associated with less skilled musicians since fiddlers used them.

There is also evidence that fine tuners alter the quality of harmonics higher frequenciesbut this it's to be debated too. Thus a ridiculous stereotype was invented: It is thought that fiddles are simply cheap violins.

At one time this could have been true, as poorer or rural folks usually played home-made fiddles, not Strads. They were less likely to afford private lessons or attend the symphony, but learned traditional tunes at jams and ceilidhs kay-lees.

Since many fiddlers back then didn't have TakeLessons violin teachersmost couldn't read music and played everything by ear, whereas violinists could read music usually could not improvise.

Another stereotype was invented. This technique is a big no-no in classical playing realm of the shoulder rest and it created yet another rift between violin and fiddle.

Most players use new hybrid strings that posses a full and rich, yet clear, tone and respond well to both classical and fiddle playing. The resurgence of fiddle music in pop culture has created an opportunity for fiddlers to aspire to a higher level of playing ability and for violin students to branch out and try other genres of music.

Hence fiddlers and violinists alike have finer instruments and a formal music education.

Silver fiddle

Fiddle technique is being abandoned by many fiddlers who have discovered the benefits, such as greater speed and fewer backaches, of the classical technique. New programs in music education has produced fiddlers who can read music and violinists who can improvise.

Back to Writings Want to Fiddle? Let us help you get started. And a heads up, you can buy a violin from us and use it for both classical and fiddle styles, or anything in between. We are happy to have your instrument setup strings, bridge, etc to suit either style you seek.In this case also there is a risk of time as silver fiddle construction has 11 other projects to complete this year that could put them behind the schedule.

Economic Issue: As the project progresses there can be rise in cost of labor, material and other equipment’s for the construction%(26). Catalog of Compact Discs Traditional Fiddle, Dance, and String Band Music.

You can order the following compact discs of traditional fiddle, Dance, and string band music from Voyager Recordings. Click here for Highly Strung Band tune sets used for barn dances and performances.

Monday Morning Group click here to see which tunes we are currently learning - updated weekly. Monday Evening Groups in Wotton Under Edge click here for your tune list. Silver Fiddle Construction 1) Identify potential risks associated with this project.

Try to come up with at least five different risks. Now that we have clearly defined the . The Scottish Fiddle Orchestra is outstanding.

They focus on the folk music that reflects of the rich Scottish history and cultural heritage. Most recently, in October , we went to a SFO concert in Dumfries, Scotland/5(4). Pour Down Like Silver is the third album by the British duo of singer/songwriter/guitarist Richard and singer Linda Thompson.

It was recorded in the summer of and released in November Background. The Thompsons had adopted the Sufi faith in and had moved into a commune in London. The songs on this album reflect their new faith and the relief that Richard Thompson had .

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