Reflection of nine for ix film venus williams

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Reflection of nine for ix film venus williams

Reflection of nine for ix film venus williams

Ava DuVernay Everyone knows about the swing. Everyone knows about the swagger. In a stunning case that captured the attention of the European public beginning inWilliams challenged the long-held practice of paying women tennis players less money than their male counterparts at the French Open and Wimbledon.

Indeed, it was her poignant op-ed piece in The London Times that convinced many people that the tournament organizers at Wimbledon were "on the wrong side of history.

So to her seven major championships, another victory can be added. With Tyler as the lead storyteller, moving recollections are shared by assistant coaches, players like Chamique Holdsclaw, Tamika Catchings and Michelle Marciniak, fellow coach Geno Auriemma, and such admirers as Peyton Manning and Kenny Chesney.

The archival footage and statistical records woven into the film provide their own insights into a woman who cared about winning, but also about elevating her players and her university. Known as "the most beautiful face of socialism" her success gave her a unique status in East Germany.

This film chronicles how Witt, one of the greatest skaters of all time, fought for her future in socialist East Germany, how she faced the great changes that occurred after the fall of The Berlin Wall and, ultimately, how she ended up both a beneficiary and victim of the East German regime.

Runner Shola Lynch Mary Decker obliterated opponents and records with blazing speed and a starving hunger to win. She dominated her sport, holding U. But the story leads to a single shocking moment in the Games, with Mary writhing on the ground in physical pain and emotional heartbreak, with the whole world watching.

No Limits Alison Ellwood As a teenager, Audrey Mestre suffered from scoliosis, but in those formative years, she discovered a passion for the ocean. It offered her a sense of freedom, and the burdens she faced on dry land soon dissipated as she slipped below the surface.

In the final stages of her PH. The two became a couple and Mestre followed the elusive, often raucous Pipin on his almost spiritual quest to push his limits underwater. Soon enough, Mestre moved from support team member to ardent free-diver and then to a world-class competitor who outshone her husband.

Inafter news arrived that a rival female diver named Tanya Streeter had successfully gone to a record-breaking feet, Pipin began preparations for Mestre to make a foot dive off the coast of the Canary Island.

Having completed practice dives even deeper in the weeks leading up to the record attempt, Mestre was prepared.

Reflection of nine for ix film venus williams

But because of a fateful decision before the dive, Mestre never resurfaced alive. In fact, she never rose higher than No. But her looks and willingness to capitalize on them made her the most famous tennis player on the planet and ultimately, a pioneer for fellow women athletes who understand that sometimes, sex sells.

Sports is supposed to be the ultimate level playing field, but in the media and on Madison Avenue sometimes looks matter more than accomplishments. This film explores the double standard placed on women athletes to be the best players on the field and the sexiest off them.

Branded explores the question:Jul 02,  · VENUS VS. Venus Williams in the first film in ESPN’s “Nine for IX,” a series that starts on ESPN Tuesday night at 8, Eastern time. Credit ESPN Films.

Title IX, the legislation banning. Search and browse our historical collection to find news, notices of births, marriages and deaths, sports, comics, and much more. NINE for IX Film Reflection The NINE for IX film is an EPSN series of episodes about Title IX and the progress women have made in honor of the 40th anniversary of the law.

Title IX is prohibits sex discrimination in education programs and activities. Nine for IX film topics include an intimate look at Pat Summitt, But what most Americans don’t know about Venus Williams is how she changed the course of her sport.

ESPN to air 9 new films on women’s sports; Robin Roberts, executive producer ” Nik on February 22, at am said. Jul 02,  · Nine for IX: Venus Vs.

() *** (out of 4) Documentary following the fight for women to gain the same amount of money as the men did in professional tennis.

This film follows the career of Venus Williams who would wind up winning five Wimbledon titles but only two of them had her gaining the same amount of money as the men champion/10(32).

Excellent film about equal pay for women and the central role that Venus Williams played in achieving that in tennis. Plus it has the added bonus of lots of great tennis footage and interviews with Venus Williams, Billie Jean King and others.

Bravo and thank you to Ms.

Williams & the filmmakers/5(3).

Venus and Serena Williams help inspire diversity in tennis | New Pittsburgh Courier