Millionaire real estate agent business plan

Wall Street Journal The housing rebound may have lifted home prices across much of the nation.

Millionaire real estate agent business plan

There was no such thing as disposable income around my house. It was all disposed of before I got it. It was March 12,and it had been raining for two days. The weather was lousy and I remember lying awake into the wee hours of the morning the night before, worried sick about how I was going to catch up a huge stack of past-due bills.

We fought frequently about money, or the lack of it. There I was, already married for 17 years, had 4 kids, our own home, and good health…shouting at each other over a stupid washing machine.

All night long my stomach was in knots and I just lay there, trying to figure out how I was going to make more money when my job as a mechanic was already taking up 50 — 60 hours a week.

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Your courses are very thorough and self-explanatory leaving little to the imagination. I just want to thank you Ron for putting together such a dynamic course. That ad really appealed to me because I had neither.

That was a whole new beginning for me and I came real close to talking myself out of it. I started out as a broke auto mechanic. We start them young. This business will seem very familiar to you at first.

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This system is being used by thousands of people who started with little or no knowledge of this new business. What I needed was a business I could tailor to fit me and my life… an opportunity anybody could take and mold to their own lifestyle.

A business with a vehicle to carry it through high times as well as low times, not some shooting star that works great today only to have the parent company go belly-up tomorrow. I have to admit, my requirements for a business were pretty strict. So, I created a kind of wish list for the business of my dreams… listing the things that would make a business fulfilling, pleasurable and, most importantly, financially rewarding.

Before long, my wish list became a list of absolute requirements.

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Your ability to convey complete concepts in such a way that the "average" person can quickly grasp the concepts that will allow them also to become multi-millionaires- Thank you. Here was a business that could fulfill every one of my requirements.

There was just one problem: Everyone told me I needed lots of money and great credit…I had neither. They said the way to make money in real estate is to buy property, rent it to get the cash flow, and after a few years, get some profit from appreciation.

Every time they had a vacant house, they were there all night long painting, cleaning, repairing the plumbing, or doing some other filthy work.

And when I talked to real estate agents, they told me I needed to buy houses and sell them, but how could I afford two house payments when I could hardly pay the one I already had? Clearly, even though real estate was the right vehicle, the common methods being used to profit from it left me out.

millionaire real estate agent business plan

Instead, I learned an entrepreneurial approach. This event is a must for anyonethat wants to improve cash flow. We got one idea that will increase our cash flow by more than most people will make in the next 10 years! I needed a way to make real estate pay off in a matter of days, not years!

And you know what?For the top real estate agents in your city who can help you sell your home quickly or show you how to buy a house, use Dave Ramsey’s local ELPs.

Take your real estate career to the highest level! "Whether you are just getting started or a veteran in the business, The Millionaire Real Estate Agent is the step-by-step handbook for seeking excellence in your profession and in your life."--Mark Victor Hansen, cocreator, #1 New York Times bestselling series Chicken Soup for the Soul "This book presents a new paradigm for real estate .

1. My plan was always to have a property manager while I was working (it was going to be my mentor and real estate agent, Eric) and . A basic marketing plan should also build a basic online presence for a real estate agent. Buyers and Sellers today are online and this ain’t going to change anytime soon.

Whether you’re buying or selling a home, finding a real estate agent you can trust might just be the most important decision you make.

millionaire real estate agent business plan

After all, a house is likely your biggest financial asset, and you want to make the most of your investment! The MREA Models: There are four fundamental models outlined in “The Millionaire Real Estate Agent.” They are: Economic Model: A complete overview showing where your money comes from, where it goes and how much is left over.

Lead Generation Model: Determines how much you will spend by implementing your 33 touch, 12 touch and 8×8 marketing programs.

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