History gcse causes of ww1

Sourcework The Causes of World War One You will be presented with a range of sources, and then a series of questions to answer. Key Questions from the syllabus: Did the Alliance System make war more likely or less likely? How far did colonial problems create tensions between the Great Powers?

History gcse causes of ww1

At the meeting of the Institute of International Law in Madrid, legislation was proposed to limit the use of airplanes to reconnaissance missions and banning them from being used as platforms for weapons.

Many senior officers, in particular, remained sceptical. However the initial campaigns of proved that cavalry could no longer provide the reconnaissance expected by their generals, in the face of the greatly increased firepower of twentieth century armies, and it was quickly realised that aircraft could at least locate the enemy, even if early air reconnaissance was hampered by the newness of the techniques involved.

Early skepticism and low expectations quickly turned to unrealistic demands beyond the capabilities of the primitive aircraft available.

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On 22 AugustBritish Captain L. Charlton and Lieutenant V. The British High Command took note of the report and started to withdraw from Mons, saving the lives ofsoldiers.

Later, during the First Battle of the Marneobservation aircraft discovered weak points and exposed flanks in the German lines, allowing the allies to take advantage of them.

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Out of a paper strength of about aircraft belonging to the army in August only or so were of any use. The initial British contribution to the total allied airwar effort in August of about aircraft was three squadrons with about 30 serviceable machines. By the end of the war, Great Britain had formed the world's first air force to be independent of either army or naval control, the Royal Air Force.

The initial "war of movement" largely ceased, and the front became static. Three main functions of short range reconnaissance squadrons had emerged by March The first was photographic reconnaissance: The first air cameras used glass plates.

Kodak cellulose film had been invented, but did not at this stage have sufficient resolution.

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Choose your exam specification This plan had been in place since The Germans thought that Russia would be the real danger and that they could easily defeat France within weeks.

Radio telephony was not yet practical from an aircraft, so communication was a problem. By Marcha two-seater on "artillery observation" duties was typically equipped with a primitive radio transmitter transmitting using Morse codebut had no receiver.

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The artillery battery signalled to the aircraft by laying strips of white cloth on the ground in prearranged patterns. Observation duties were shared with the tethered balloonswhich could communicate directly with their batteries by field telephone, but were far less flexible in locating targets and reporting the fall of shot.

The technology of the period did not permit radio contact, while methods of signalling were necessarily crude, including dropping messages from the aircraft. Soldiers were initially reluctant to reveal their positions to aircraft, as they the soldiers found distinguishing between friend and foe problematic.

Reconnaissance flying, like all kinds, was a hazardous business.

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In Aprilthe worst month for the entire war for the RFC, the average life expectancy of a British pilot on the Western Front was 69 flying hours.Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson "brings to life" World War One in 3D with grainy year-old footage. The Oscar-winner has also restored and colourised year-old film from the.

WW1 Revision Class Materials produced by Mr. Tarr. 1. Fling the Teacher Challenge: The Causes of World War One Start your revision by playing this game until you successfully "fling the teacher"! News and opinion from The Times & The Sunday Times. Complete GCSE and IGCSE modules Perfect for international curriculum as well.

History gcse causes of ww1

Our brand new library of over 7,+ GCSE History materials is fully complete and will allow you, your colleagues, or your school, to teach every possible GCSE and IGCSE topic for . Home > GCSE > History > GCSE AQA History, Origins of World War 1 GCSE AQA History, Origins of World War 1 These cards are just a brief summary of the causes of the First World War.

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