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Many companies face the problem of allocating their precious marketing budgets across various marketing and sales initiatives in an effective manner. The hope is that the budget allocation decisions are optimal in order to reap the maximum performance for their brands. Given the numerous initiatives taking place simultaneously, it is not always possible to pinpoint the trajectory of the performance curve due to a specific initiative. Yet, it is critical for managers to understand their net realization on marketing expenditure.

Fmcg strategy

This report is a summary of Part 1 of a three-part whitepaper on Ramadan strategies for brands that covers changes in media consumption, purchase behavior and advertising spend. To download this part or the full whitepaper, please click hereand a representative will be in touch with you.

How does Ramadan affect Fmcg strategy behavior? Fasting is obligated during the holy month of Ramadan.

But that does not mean there is a fall in demand for food. On the contrary, Ramadan period including a few weeks before and a couple of weeks after the Eid festival sees a spike in the demand of food and grocery items, as consumers observing fast tend to stock up.

Also, the shopping behavior witnesses great fluctuations during Ramadan time. Saudi consumers reckon that Ramadan and shopping come hand in hand.

Chocolate and Confectionery is one of the top categories that tends to be more purchased followed by clothes. And when shopping during Ramadan, price-discounted products attract the majority of consumers.

Ramadan is also a time when grocery outlets and shopping malls stay open past the midnight, to allow for people to shop. How to market FMCG products The top food products consumers purchase during Ramadan are dates, processed concentrated drinks, grains rice, oats, wheat…frozen proteins and dry fruits.

While Ramadan is a period of fasting and austerity, it is also a time for a marketing feast for retailers and brands as they ramp up their advertising spend.

Fmcg strategy

Undoubtedly, marketing in Ramadan provides businesses with the means of reaching a more targeted audience, however, as competition gets fiercer, it can be difficult to stand out in an extremely cluttered advertising landscape, which produces a challenge on brand penetration.

Every year, during Ramadan, people connect with faith, family and friends. FMCG brands and marketers, too, try to make the best use of the Ramadan period to create meaningful conversations with potential customers in the Middle East. Ramadan, therefore, works as a magnet for advertising budgets for many FMCG as well non-FMCG brands, with many of them choosing to spend around this time of the year due to its importance.

Hear from the experts During Ramadan period, every FMCG marketer needs to understand its brand position in a competitive context. The holy month may be culturally diverse across different regions and geographies, yet there is one common theme everywhere, i.

It is crucial to optimize your performance and continually improve it over time. To produce the desired effect, a brand message should say the right thing at the right time. Keep your messages succinct, crafted powerfully and use repetition to cut through the brand clutter.

And so we spoke to three communicators: Unilever aims to drive positive impact through the month by engaging its consumers through opportunities such as the Unilever Sustainable Living Plan, which focuses on waste and packaging, opportunities for women, and sustainable nutrition among others.

The clothes are then cleaned with Omo and Comfort and donated to the needy via a partnership with Emirates Red Crescent. The campaign has gone on to break the world record thrice for the largest clothes donations collected anywhere in the world.

Additionally, Unilever also partners with other organizations such as Uber and Careem, and Souq. Brands can see an increase of up to 40 percent in sales during Ramadan, which means the preparation for this month, is of utmost importance.

Reach helps understand if the campaigns are triggering awareness and consideration, and engagement helps understand if the campaign content, recipes and menu planner resonate with consumers. For instance, Quaker Oats is used in preparing soups and broths during iftar — something that has become quite a Ramadan staple, according to Shamseldin.The Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) sector is a corner stone of the Indian economy which touches every aspects of human life.

FMCG products are consumed frequently by every section of the.

Fmcg strategy

Distribution Channel In FMCG 1. INDIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY ROORKEE PRESENTATION TOPIC- Presented By- ANANT SIROHI () Distribution Channels in FMCG Industry.

Different strategies by FMCG for marketing brands Multibrand Strategy A very simple way of increasing FMCG company’s market share is by developing a strong distribution network.

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ShopAbility develops tools and templates for use by FMCG companies in their strategic planning as well as capability building. Many companies prefer ShopAbility to . If yours is a business that competes in the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry, you are facing a constant challenge of expanding portfolios, ensuring regulation compliance, reporting requirements, and managing a multifaceted supply chain that has distinct requirements.

Designing a Marketing Strategy for an FMCG Company!

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1. Many companies face the problem of allocating their precious marketing budgets across various marketing and sales initiatives in an effective manner.

The hope is that the budget allocation decisions are optimal in order to reap the maximum.

Designing a Marketing Strategy for an FMCG Company