Eng 1501

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Eng 1501

Neroli Orange flower Citrus aurantium ssp. One example is the flowers of the bitter orange, mainly cultured in North Africa. Neroli oil is obtained by careful steam distillation of the freshly picked flowers in about 0.

An even more valuable material is the so-called orange flower absolute, obtained by extraction see boronia for details on absolutes. In both products, linalool is the main volatile constituent. Nerolidol and farnesol are characteristic ingredients. Moreover, a number of N-containing constituents are odour-determining, e.

She loved the fragrance of the orange flowers, and was the first person to have them distilled. The tertiary sesquiterpene alcohol 3,7,trimethyl-1,6,dodecatrieneol was first identified in neroli oil, whence the name nerolidol. Somewhat later, the isomeric alcohol 3,7,trimethyl-2,6,dodecatrieneol was also identified.

It was correspondingly named farnesol, from Villa Farnese, another village near Rome. Eau de Colognes have been created since the end of the 17'th century.

The classical ingredients were neroli oil, bergamot oil, orange oil, lavender oil and rosemary oil. Colognes are still going strong, a modern example is Baldessarini Hugo Boss The seeds have been used for centuries as a medicine and as a spice.

An Arab proverb calls them "the medicine for every disease except death. The seeds contains an essential oil of thyme - oregano -like aroma. Moreover, the compound damascenin, or methyl 3-methoxymethylaminobenzoate, an odoriferous 'alkaloid' characteristic of several nigellas, is present [].

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E octenal, nerolidol, bicyclogermacrene and eugenol Night-scented Stock Matthiola longipetala M. Matthiola longipetala or Night-scented Stock is grown as an ornamental primarily for its evening scent.

It is a tenuous, low-growing and highly branched crucifer with light purple flowers appearing wilted during the day but awakening in the evening and then emitting a remarkably powerful scent - strongly sweet and with a spicy nuance. Hammami S et al. The fruit resembles a smooth peach.

When it ripens, it cleaves, and the purple-brown seed with its lobed, coral-red coat becomes visible. The nutmeg as we know it is the shelled kernel. However, a number of phenol ethers play a decisive role for the overall fragrance, three of them are shown [55].

Terpeneless nutmeg oil is sometimes used in masculine perfumes.

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Nutmeg is rich in the fatty acid tetradecanoic acid, also called myristic acid. In spite of its name, oakmoss is not a moss but a lichen, growing on the bark of deciduous and coniferous trees. It was used in perfumery as early as the 16'th century. Baskets filled with it have been found in the ancient royal tombs of Egypt, but whether it was intended for perfume is not known.

A mixture of phenolic acids extracted from oakmoss has been used in drugs for treating external wounds and infections. Oakmoss has the special odour notes associated with the warmth of the fireplace, walnuts, the smoke from birch wood, etc.

The key odorants are the phenolic compounds shown above [3]. For instance, it is evidently present in the dry-out notes of the marvellous Kouros Yves Saint Laurent The compound methyl 2,4-dihydroxy-3,6-dimethylbenzoate can be synthesized in an interesting process from acyclic precursors methyl crotonate and methyl 3-oxopentanoate, see animation!

It has an extremely penetrating odour, maybe owing to quinoid tautomerism. For a true moss scent - see Liverwort. Olibanum Frankincense Boswellia carterii Burseraceae Like myrrh and opopanaxolibanum is a gum-resin from small trees and thorny bushes of the Burseracean family.

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Eng 1501

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