A brief analysis of southern weekend

It takes just around 5 hours to drive to Jekyll Island from Atlanta, and yes, you can actually drive onto the island itself. If that is a bit too long, then a regional flight to Brunswick with a rental car waiting can save time. Jekyll Island was originally purchased as a resort getaway for the select few Americans that could afford that luxury in the late s, so today, it not only makes for a serene getaway but also a chance to learn a bit about history through visits to the Horton House and the National Historic Landmark District.

A brief analysis of southern weekend

In the essay, Gramsci masterfully manages to analytically overlay class, regional, urban-rural, social, religious, finance, and international relations into an incisive diagram or map of power that dissects how a particular political project Fascism is built and maintained in all its socio-spatial complexity—all this in just 24 pages my version.

This analysis forms the basis of the vision of class-regional alliances—namely, the northern proletariat and the southern peasantry—that Gramsci deems necessary for a revolutionary transformation in Italy.

He notes how this ideology had blocked a move toward fractioning regional alliances by making them into cross-regional, class alliances.

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For Gramsci, this involved the need for mobilized sectors to transcend its narrow corporativist interest by engaging a broader sense of solidarity. The inability to accomplish such solidarities is what allowed bourgeois forces to establish their hegemony by disingenuously acceding to workers in at the expense of the peasantry, thus disabling what was activism in both cities and rural areas though not of the coordinated sort Gramsci viewed syndicalism as precisely the sort of arrangement that would end up benefitting the bourgeois and instrumental for turning peasants against workers.

Boston / Norton, MA I enjoy spending my free time in the great outdoors with my girlfriend and my two young daughters. Playing Ultimate Frisbee and SloPitch are a few of my favorite ways to stay active and social.
Agenda – CONNECT Despite talks of continued behind the scene rule by the Tigray ruling elite; I assume that it is not entirely feasible to have two puppet leaders in one country- the President and the PM- at the same time.

A struggle at the Turin Fiat plant is the example that Gramsci uses to foresee how capitalists acceding to a syndicalist arrangement cooperatively managed factories would fail: The syndicalist proposal was defeated by the Fiat workers, as happened in another parallel struggle in Reggio Emilia.

Later on a mass of workers in both plants were laid off, but Gramsci hails the experiences as proof of workers ability to transcend corporativism. Large landowners and the major intellectuals managed to hold the system in place.

Gramsci spends much of the remainder of the essay discussing the role of intellectuals in southern society. He sees their role as principally one of mediation: The all-important middle-strata of intellectuals in the south, says Gramsci, is either entirely missing or has no relevance due to a lack of cultural infrastructure journals, publishing houses, etc.

Intellectuals develop slowly, far more slowly than any other social group, because of their very nature and historical function. They represent the entire cultural tradition of a people; they seek to express and synthesize the whole of its history. That is true in particular of the old type of intellectual, born on peasant soil.

It is absurd to think that such intellectuals, en masse, can possibly break completely with the past and transplant themselves entirely on to the terrain of a new ideology. It is absurd where intellectuals en masse are concerned and perhaps absurd.

Intellectuals are needed, he says, to break up the agrarian bloc and for the consolidation of a worker-peasant alliance.

In this essay, Gramsci is still working with a definition of intellectuals much more formal and restricted that the elaborate version he develops in the Prison Notebooks.The Analysis Continues (December 7) There have been several news outlets and security firms researching the Sony Pictures breach and analyzing the disclosed files as a result of the compromise.

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A brief analysis of southern weekend

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