A biography of johann sebastian bach a great composer

Check new design of our homepage! Biography of Johann Sebastian Bach Biography of a great musician and composer, who enthralled audiences with his symphonic vibrancy and left them amazed.

A biography of johann sebastian bach a great composer

Unfortunately, a quarter of the whole town had recently been devastated by fire; it was difficult for him to find suitable dwellings, and he was thus forced to pay a high rent. Nevertheless, shortly after his arrival, he brought his cousin Maria Barbara from Arnstadt, and on October 17th he married her at the small church in the picturesque little village of Dornheim.

Maria Barbara came of a branch of the musical Bach family, her father being organist at Gehren. This success gave Bach the courage to put in a long and detailed report, proposing a complete renovation and improvement of the organ in the St Blasiuskirche. The Council agreed to carry out the renovation and improvements, and Bach was given the task of supervising the work, for not only was he now a brilliant player, he had also become an expert on the construction of organs.

The Council had little option but to allow his departure. However, the situation was concluded quite amicably and Bach was asked that he should continue to supervise the rebuilding of the St Blasiuskirche organ. This he did, and some time in he came over to inaugurate its first performance.

A biography of johann sebastian bach a great composer

Not least was his employer, the Duke of Sachsen-Weimar, one of the most distinguished and cultured nobles of his time. The Court Orchestra consisted of about 22 players: As was the custom in most 18th century Courts, the musicians also spent some of their time employed in household and domestic duties.

In Bach became the leader of the orchestra, and was now second only to the old and frail Capellmeister Johann Samuel Drese, whose duties he was gradually taking over. The organ was new and not quite as large as the one at Arnstadt.

After a few years, Bach declared that it was inadequate and should be rebuilt. It was in fact rebuilt at great expense according to his plans: During this period he wrote profusely for the organ, and he was rapidly becoming known throughout the country as one of the greatest German organists.

Organ pupils came to him from far and wide, and he was asked to test or dedicate many organs in various towns. His tests were extremely thorough and critical. He would usually complete his trial by improvising a prelude and fugue: He had invented so comfortable a fingering that he could master the most difficult parts with perfect ease using 5 fingers instead of the then normal 3.

However, the conditions and salary were not sufficient for his growing family, so he was obliged to refuse the post. On a visit to Dresden, Bach was invited to compete in a contest with the visiting French organist, Louis Marchand, considered to be one of the best in Europe.

But, on the day appointed for the contest, Marchand decided to withdraw discreetly by taking the fastest coach available back to France. And so Bach gave an impressive solo performance before the assembled audience and referees, establishing himself as the finest organist of the day.

Here the interest was in the new Italian style of music which was then becoming the rage of Europe, one of the chief exponents being the Venetian composer Vivaldi. Bach and his cousin Johann Georg Walther transcribed some of the Italian instrumental concertos for keyboard instruments. Consequently musicians of the first household were forbidden to fraternize with those of the second.Johann Sebastian Bach was born on 31 March , in Eisenach, the capital city of the duchy of Saxe-Eisenach.

His father, Johann Ambrosius Bach, was the court trumpeter for the Duke of Eisenach and director of the town musicians. His mother, Maria Elisabeth Lämmerhirt, was the daughter of a regardbouddhiste.com Of Birth: Eisenach, Saxe-Eisenach. Johann Sebastian Bach, one of the legends of the Baroque period, was born on the March 21, in Eisenach, Thuringia, Germany.

Orphaned at the tender age of 10, he inherited music from his father who is said to have taught him the violin and the harpsichord. Johann Sebastian Bach: Biography covers his life from birth to death, all periods and positions especially his last Leipzig period. The True Life of Johann Sebastian Bach [Klaus Eidam, Hoyt Rogers] on regardbouddhiste.com *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

In this new biography of Johann Sebastian Bach, Klaus Eidam brings the icon of Baroque music into focus as never before. IS JOHANN SEBASTIAN BACH A GREAT COMPOSER? General synthesis article trying to consider, as an example, the causes of the notoriety of Bach, particularly in comparison whit his contemporary Vivaldi.

German composer, organist, and musician The works of the German composer and organist Johann Sebastian Bach are the utmost expression of polyphony (a style of musical composition in which two independent melodies are played side by side in harmony).

Johann Sebastian Bach